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01.EK1-0200A - Rotor head set (000187)
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EK1-0233B - SuperPaddles (Superskids) 4.02EUR

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EK1-0233B - SuperPaddles (Superskids)

Very light, high aspect ratio, low drag, performance paddles for FP helis with 2mm flybars. Great for the HoneyBee FP and Walkera FP helis including the 4G1B, and many more. Their shape is much more efficient than stock paddles and they really reduce the rotating mass in the head for better performance. Makes these small helis handle more like the larger ones. In stock helis, they smooth the response and reduce control delays. In “hot” setups, they give you the aggressive control you need.

Note: The weight advantage of SuperPaddles isn’t just that they reduce the weight of your heli by ~7 grams, it’s where they reduce the weight. Because they’re attached to the head, they reduce the rotating mass which means longer flight times, quicker cyclic response, and faster spin up (acceleration).

Dit artikel is op Monday 23 November, 2009 toegevoegd.
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